IGGY: release 3

This Fall/Holiday season, we delve into our deepest, most luxurious Iggy color pallete yet.

The newest collection offers 24 unique colors and features our widely popular novelty finish, the peach-skin-sueded-finish.

Our unwavering relationship with the outdoors and our deepened connection to heritage has led to a new landscape of color.

Natures crucial role in our health and well-being continues to grow like all the greens to be seen there. Our greens this season vary from the depth of Douglas Fir, to the natural and earthy yellow greens, including Campsite + Avocado Oil.

This collection continues to explore authentic shades of Brown such as the russet red-based, Downtown Brown. An array of Blues feature the lighting-colored Bluing, to the strong, classics such as After Midnight + Oceanview.

The specialized technique we use to finish Iggy garments inspire color story endlessly. The gemstone concept was brought to life purely to compliment the Japanese cupro fabric used. We feature colors offered in the past such as Aventurine, Sapphire, Ruby + Onyx, and welcome new shades like the magically subtle Rose Quartz. Chiseled Stone is low-key a favorite amongst the gemstone range.

We've also introduced a completely new dye concept, inspired by mauve sunsets, color blocking, + the great outdoors.

We hope you enjoy, and wish you a very healthy, fun, festive, safe, + silky smooth holiday season. Happy Holidays!


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