Welcome to OFY - A Miami-based lifestyle brand that finds boundless inspiration in the natural world's beauty. Our mission is to craft distinctive collections that embody a sense of freedom, offer a momentary escape, and transcend fleeting trends.

Immersed in an oceanic spirit and fueled by an endless summer buzz, we embrace a coastal vision. Our designs blend smart silhouettes, thoughtful colors, and luxurious fabrics, tailored for everyday wear.

At OFY, we believe in nurturing yourself, basking in the radiant sun, and adorning garments that empower you. It's about feeling your best, inside and out, day in and day out. We encourage you to rinse away negativity and repeat the positivity that comes from embracing your true self.

As much as we love creating beautiful pieces, we're also committed to promoting sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices in everything we do. Our garments boast the highest quality natural fibers, sourced and milled right here in the USA. To reduce our ecological footprint, every collection is meticulously handmade in small batches, with cutting, sewing, and dyeing all taking place in Los Angeles, California.

Join us on this meaningful journey where style meets conscience. Experience the harmonious blend of fashion and sustainability, celebrating the allure of nature, and embracing an intentional way of living.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

With love,


OFY started in 2013 as a specialty brick-and-mortar store, offering a curated mix of emerging and established designers. Over the years, we have grown, and in 2020, in response to a growing demand, we launched the OFY brand.

Since then, we have evolved into a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand, redefining our business practices to better serve our customers. Unsubscribing from the traditional retail landscape, we explored new avenues to connect with our audience.

At OFY, we highly value the essence of brick-and-mortar stores and the meaningful connections and relationships they foster. Providing a positive and unique shopping experience has always been our primary goal, and our brand motto reflects this unwavering commitment.

Our Miami flagship store is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Wynwood, Miami, serving as a central hub for our local customers. Alongside our physical store, we operate a web-store that caters to our global clientele, spreading our love for fashion and lifestyle beyond geographical boundaries.

Through our journey of growth and change since our inception, we've embraced the opportunities presented by the online space while cherishing the value of in-person interactions. We continue to strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, ensuring that our customers have nothing less than an exceptional shopping experience with OFY.

OFY's founder is Ofir Farahan, a third-generation retailer with a background in the luxury fashion market. From a young age, he developed a deep appreciation for quality garments and craftsmanship, immersing himself in the operations of a successful clothing business. Drawing on his heritage, integrity, and a profound passion for fashion, Ofir took the leap and opened his first brick-and-mortar store in 2013.

In 2020, driven by his keen vision and creativity, Ofir embarked on the journey of designing the OFY brand. Today, he continues to serve as the head designer, infusing his expertise and passion into every thread of the brand's offerings.