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188 Eyevan - Gold

188 Eyevan - Gold

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The commonly known as V.A.N. pattern, in which the letters V.A.N. are designed as a monogram, is pressed on each part. The master mold of this tasteful pattern was hand-engraved by Mr. Nakamura, a skilled craftsman in Fukui.

The split endpiece is vertically arranged with lens screws and temple hinge screws, and reinforced with beta titanium plates on the sides.

Like the other parts, V.A.N. pattern is engraved on the top and bottom of this endpiece.

This manufacturing method has enabled us to achieve a deeply engraved three-sided pattern that cannot be expressed by the normal pressing process.

This new look of vintage design was born from the ideas of the design team and the superior skills of the craftsmen who give shape to these ideas.

The lens shape, which is halfway between P3 and pentagon, also gives a fresh impression.

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14k gold + titanium


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